Name: Bill


Phone: 907-830-5760

Residence City: Soldotna

Nearest Large City: Anchorage

Major Highway: Sterling and Spurr Hwys

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: Mile zero

State you live in: Alaska

Comments: Beautiful country and the best fishing in the world. Some bus nut might decide to visit, sometime.


Name: Tom


Phone: 907-225-5296

Residence City: Ketchikan

Nearest Large City: Juneau

State: Alaska

Comments: Juneau is around 300 miles from us; we usually deal directly with the lower 48. We can offer some local knowledge and I can offer some help with mechanical problems and GM coaches; we have had ours for 9 years.



Name: Butch

Phone: 928 636 1955 Ofc /Cel 928 925 6213

Residence City: Paulden  

Nearest Large City: Prescott

Major Highway or Crossroad: Located 6755 N. hwy 89

Your Mile Marker on Interstate:334.5 (Hwy 89)

Comments: Stop in & say hello. Need help, we have shop with welders, air, tools and a pit. Plenty room for parking. Not professional mechanic but maintain our own trucks, bus, race cars, plane etc. Propane refrigeration our business.


Name: Tom


Phone: 928-344-0938

Residence City: Yuma

Nearest Large City: Phoenix

Major Highway: Interstate 8 & 3E

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 3

Comments: I have tools and a place to park your coach with 50-amp Elec. & water. Willing to help as much as possible!


Name: Ed


Phone: 928-300-9046

Residence City: Cornville

Nearest Big City: Sedona

Major Hwy: Hwy 89A & 260

MM 387

Comments: Can help on maybe where to get things done. I am 100 miles north of Phoenix, Between Sedona and Cottonwood, AZ.


Name: Greg


Phone: 520-245-1114

Residence City: Tucson, AZ

Nearest Big City: Tucson

Major hwy: I-10



Name: Steve


City you live in: Magnolia, Arkansas

Nearest Large City: Shreveport, Louisiana

Major Highway: US Hwy 79 & 82

Your M/M on Interstate: 46

State you live in: Arkansas

Comments: I'm approximately 1 hour from I-20 to the South and I-30 to the North. Have a small shop and some tools. Will be glad to point anyone in the right direction for assistance and help where I can.



Name: Jim

Phone: 714-261-0974

Residence City: Anaheim

Nearest Big City: Los Angeles

Major Hgwy: I5,I10,I405,SR60, SR57

Comments: Formerly owned a diesel service center, two stroke specialist, electrical knowledge, access to all parts.


Name: Don


Phone:661-391-4520 Shop & 661-301-4648 Cell1-888-473-3626

Comments: Rebuilding two stroke and four stroke engines can help with anything that is needed. If I don't do it I can find someone who will.


Name: Dale


Phone: 661-809-2463

Residence City: Bakersfield

Nearest Large City: Bakersfield

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-5, Highway 99, Highway 58

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 253 on I-5, 24 on Hwy 99

State you live in: CA

Comments: Bus newbie but always willing to help. Know the local area and can help you find the things you need. Always like to meet bus-nuts too!


Name: Russ or


City you live in: Fresno

Nearest Large City: Fresno

Major Highway : Hgwy 99 & Hgwy 41

Comments: Busnuts welcome. Only 1 hour from Yosemite National Park. Excellent at holding up the dumb end of things while being repaired, or breaking Craftsman tools. No charge for war stories over cold Pepsis! Call now, operators are standing by!(Cute Russ, VERY Cute! [DS])


Name: Dan


Phone: 760-564-1562

Residence City: La Quinta

Nearest Large City: Indio

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-10

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: Washington St  go south to end

State you live in: California

Comments: Have approx .5 acre of level land, lots of space for buses. Overnite or more welcome. I can help with repairs, driving, or storage. Great here in winter, hot in summer.


Name: Dave or Rhonda


Phone: 760-347-6060

City you live in: Indio

Nearest Large City: Indio

Major Highway or Crossroad: Jackson Street off of I-10

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: Can either take Jackson or Golf Center Exit

State you live in: California

Comments: We have a RV Repair Shop and can do anything you may need. If for some reason we can't we will know someone who can. We also have a large yard that will hold quite a few RV's, Buses, whatever. We will do what we can to help.

Los Angeles:

Name: Tom


Phone: 310-739-9471

Residence City: Lawndale

Nearest Big City: Los Angeles

Major Hwy: 60 & 605

Comments: Work 12 miles east of downtown L.A. at Los Angeles Freightliner. Live three exits south of Los Angeles International Airport off the 405 and Inglewood Off Ramp.

Midway City:

Name: Phil


Phone: 714-842-2525

City you live in: Midway City

Nearest Large City: Los Angeles

Major Highway : 405 freeway/Pacific Coast hwy

Comments: Close to Huntington Beach


Name: Teresa


Phone: 760-793-6900

City You Live In: Ridgecrest

State: California

Comments: Some tools,50 amp, and 30 amp hook up, water, sewage dump,internet wifi




Phone: 714-345-0828

City you live in: SAN JACINTO,CA

Nearest Large City: RIVERSIDE, CA

Major Highway or Crossroad: INTERSTATES 91/15/215/10/60

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 0

State you live in: CALIFORNIA

Comments: I am an eagle owner but can help with all makes and models.


Name: Grant


Phone: 916-275-2835

Residence City: Citrus Heights

Nearest Large City: Sacramento

Major Highway: 1-5 and 1-80 Mile Marker on Interstate: Madison Ave and 1-80

Comments: I know of tow companies, I have basic tools and a spot to keep the bus overnight.


Name: John


Phone: 916.296.1452

Residence City: Rio Linda

Nearest Large City: Sacramento

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-5 and S99/70

Your Mile Marker : S99/70 northbound

Comments: MCI bus knowledge, some tools, space for 1 bus. Glad to help anyone in need.


Name: Adarian


Phone: 916-342-5735

City you live in: Fair Oak

Nearest Large City: Sacramento

Major Highway or Crossroad: Int 80, Hwy 50, Int 5, Hwy 99

Mile Marker on Interstate: unknown

State you live in: California

Comments: Glad to assist however I can.

San Diego:

Name: Jim


Phone: 619-749-6127

Residence City: Lakeside

Nearest Big City: San Diego

Major Hwy: Route 67

Comments: One very tight bus parking, no utils. I have some bus knowledge, some tools, some local contacts and I am willing to help.

San Diego

Name: Alan


Phone: 602-391-4044 cell 619-440-0697

City you live in: El Cajon

Nearest Large City: San Diego

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-8 Your Mile Marker : 2nd Street

Comments: 35years owning diesel trucks. 5 years owning a 4104 than MCI8. Lots of tools, strong back and a week mind.

San Francisco:

Name: Bill


Phone: 408-307-1593

Residence City: San Jose

Nearest Large City: San Francisco

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-85 and I-880

Comments: I am familiar with where to get help here. I am a mechanical contractor and we are responsible family people. We are glad to reciprocate in helping others.

San Francisco:

Name: Wilhelm


Phone: 415 637-0627

City you live in: San Francisco

Nearest Large City: San Francisco

Major Highway or Crossroad: 80/101

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 0

State you live in: California

Comments: Bad town to drive a bus.

Spring Valley:

Name: Frank


Phone: (619) 303-4292

Residence City: Spring Valley,Calif

Nearest Large City: San Diego

Major Highway or Crossroad: Highway 125

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: none

Comments: At the moment...have a large lot, tools, air operated T jack, forklift. Know a little bit about this and that....*smiling*.....

Valley Springs:

Name: DaleMC8


Phone: 209-772-9929

Residence City: Valley Springs

Nearest Big City: Stockton

Major Hgwy: US 99, I-5, I-4

Comments: Mostly an ear, some tools, less bus knowledge. Retired RV tech. Live out in the boonies.



Name: Al-RTS/Mystic


Phone: 860-536-9268

Residence City: Mystic

Nearest Big City: Groton/New London

Hgwy: I-95 Exit 87

Comments: Lots of tools, welder. Will do whatever I can. Overnight parking, if necessary.



Name: Don & Sheila

email: skihor(AT)

Phone:303-513-9042 / 503-481-7096

Residence City: Arvada

Nearest Large City: Denver

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-70

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: Near I-25 & I70

Comments: Some contacts, lots of tools, A little Knowledge, Possible Parking.


Name: Tim

Phone: 970 618 9059

Residence City: Basalt

Nearest Large City: Denver

Major Highway: Highway 82 and Willits lane & Glenwood Springs on I-70

Comments: There's an RV park next door to us. Have contacts for repair work in the area. Self taught shade tree mechanic may be able to give advice or help.



Name: Bill


Your phone: 302-745-1192

City you live in: Seaford

Nearest Large City: Good Luck

Major Highway : Rt.13 & Rt 9 Lower Delaware, eastern shore

Comments: fuel, food, parking local resources for BUSNUTS.



Name: Jack


Phone: 863-993-3683

Residence City: Arcadia

Nearest Big City: Sarasota

Major Hgwy: Hwy 70

Comments: We have 11 30 amp hook-ups, some with water. 30x60 foot shop and tools for all kinds of repairs. Overnight stops and visits also OK.


Name: Jim


Phone:716 830 0583

Residence City: Arcadia

Nearest Large City: Sarasota

Major Highway or Crossroad: 70 & 31

State you live in: Fl

Comments: Have a few tools, little knowledge of bus's. But will help any way I can.

Dania Beach:

Name: George


Phone: 954 513 7875

Residence City: Dania Beach

Nearest Large City: Fort Lauderdale

Major Highway or Crossroad: SR 818 / Griffin. road between 95 and Turnpike

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 23

State you live in:Florida

Comments:There is no shortage of skilled shops in the area. for classic cars, trucks, buses, yachts, so there is talent aplenty close by. I myself am a Rolls Royce& Bentley certified Master Technician with a passion for the GMC PD-4905

Ft. Walton Beach:

Name: John


Phone: 850-652-2800

Residence City: Laurel Hill

Nearest Large City: Fort Walton Beach

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-10 and HWY 85

Mile Marker on Interstate: 56

State you live in: Florida

Comments: Have tools and some knowledge. Know local area. Overnight OK. Off the beaten path.


Name: Chad


Phone: 352-356-1018

Residence City: Old Town

Nearest Large City: Gainesville

Major Highway: FL19/98 &US27 &I75

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 387 (I75)

State you live in: FL

Comments: I travel for a living so I might not be in town. The phone numbers is for my cel phone and if I'm not in town I may be able to direct you to some assistance.

Green Cove Springs:

Name: William (Bill)


Phone: 207-512-0472

City you live in: Green Cove Springs, FL

Nearest Large City: Jacksonville

State you live in: Florida

Comments: Summer central Maine area, about 20 miles south of Augusta. South in the winter but no particular spot.


Name: marvin

email: mcpacrats


Phone: 352 854-9332 H/352-875-1040 C

Residence City: Ocala

Nearest Large City: Ocala,Gainsville

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-75 @ Rt 40

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 4 exits on I-75

State you live in: Florida

Comments: Have suppliers and Other Mechanics available within 30 min


Name: Junior


Phone: 904-992-1295

Residence city: Jacksonville Beach

Nearest big city: Jacksonville

State: Florida

Major Highway: Beach Blvd.

Comments: Retired mechanic. Coached for 40 + years. Son is mechanic in area.


Name: Ace & Susan


Phone: 863-559-9067

Residence City: Lakeland

Nearest Big City: Tampa

State: Florida

Mile Marker: #4 on I 4 (Rt 98 & exit 31)

Comments: Have lots of friends and contacts that have a lot of information. Can help in any way possible! Have personal contacts for mechanical info and knowledge when needed.


Name: Chris


Phone: 321-728-8517

Residence City: Malabar

Nearest Big City: 45 mi se Orlando

Major Hgwy: I-95 mm 173

Comments: Room to park and tools. Am doing RTS conversion, so I might be able to fix something simple. This is a smaller town so getting parts may be a challenge.


Name: Dave (PD3751 Silversides)


Phone: 239-961-5105 (C)

Residence City: Naples

Nearest big city: Ft/ Myers

Mile marker: 111@I75Comments: Fair amount of tools, knows area well, & large network of bus conversion friends. Room at house for two buses on an overnight stay.

North Ft. Myers:

Name: Gene Mossa


Phone: 239-997-8879

Residence: North Fort Myers

Nearest Large City: Fort Myers

Major Highway: US 41

Mile Marker: Tucker's Grade

Comments: Willing to help in any areas. Diesel Mechanic by trade. Cell phone:239-848-0406


Name: Cliff

Phone: 352-266-1105(C)

City you live in: Bushnell

Nearest Large City: Ocala

Major Highway: Turnpike & I-75

Mile Marker : 318

State you live in: Florida

Comments: Have tools and knowledge Will help anyway I can.


Name: Kris


Phone: 407-925-7462

Residence City: Orlando

Nearest Large City: Orlando

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-4

State you live in: FL


Name: Shawn


Phone: 352-445-0938

Residence city: Ocoee, FL

Nearest Large City: Orlando, FL

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-4, FL Turnpike, RT 50

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: Unknown

State you live in: Florida

Update or changes: New submission, always willing to assist.

Ormond Beach:

Name: Pete RTS/Daytona


Phone: 386-672-0571 (H)

Residence City: Ormond Beach

Nearest big city: Daytona Beach

State: Florida

Major Highway: I95 and Rt. 40

Mile Marker: 268@I95

Comments: Good amount of tools and general bus knowledge - good with electronics.


Name: Fred


Phone: 443-629-4375

Residence city: Nokomis

Nearest Big City: Sarasota

Major Highway: I75

Comments: have a bus garage right around the corner. Works on MCI's. Have room to park over night or for a few days if needed.


Name: Rick


Phone: 772-589-4970

Residence City: Sebastian

Nearest Big City: Vero Beach

Major Hgwy: I-95 mm158

Comments: General bus knowledge, local knowledge.


Name: Dan

Phone: 850-980-1265

Residence City: Crawfordville

Nearest Large City: Tallahassee

Major Highway: hwy 98 & 319

Mile Marker on Interstate: I -98

Comments: Have tools, place to park and I am a retired electrician [marine/bus] Good at troubleshooting diesels etc.


Name: Glenn & Sharon


Phone: 352-746-5670

Residence City: Lecanto

Nearest Large City: Tampa

Major Highway or Crossroad: FL turnpike

Mile Marker on Interstate: 350

Comments: Willing to help if we can



Name: Chuck


Phone: 678-665-5418

Residence City: Douglasville

Nearest Big City: Atlanta

Major Hgwy: I-20 (Exit 38)& Hwy 5

Comments: MCI experience, house and coach systems experience. No overnight but only 5 miles to Wal-Mart.


Name: Jim & Bonnie


Phone: 478-272-2880

Residence City: Dublin, GA

Nearest Big City: Macon

Major Hwy: I-16 & Hwy 441

MM# 54

Comments: At Bus Barn we have 30 hook-up with water & sewer. Bus Barn is @ mile marker 42 along I-16.


Name: Duane

Your phone:678 517 6972  

City you live in: Hawkinsville

Nearest Large City: Perry / &Macon

Major Highway: Ga. 341

Mile Marker on Interstate:132

Comments: 20 mi. east of Perry Ga. Have space to park three guests. 50/30/ 20 amp. hook up, plus water. no dump. some tools, not much know how. FL. folks fleeing storm welcome. Please call. truck repair in town.

La Grange:

Name: Tom


Phone: 706-884-3808

Residence City: La Grange

Nearest Big City: Atlanta 60 mi north, Columbus 45 mi south

Major Hgwy: I-85 (Exit 18), I-185 (Exit 48)

Comments: MCI experience, house and coach systems experience. No overnight but 3 miles to Wal-Mart.


Name: Sam


Phone: 912-839-3851

City you live in: Statesboro

Nearest Large City: Savannah

Major Highway: I 16Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 127

Comments: Have lots of parking space and one 30 amp connection. Have hand tools for your use.


Name: Greg (S. Ga)


Phone: 229-559-1433

Residence: Valdosta, Ga

Nearest Large City: Jacksonville, Fl

Major Highway: I-75 or I-10

Mile Marker on Interstate: On I-75 MM

Comments: I have plenty of space on the grounds and electric /water/ sewage hook ups.


Name: Sherry


Phone: 912-449-3640

Residence City: Waycross

Nearest big city: Waycross

Major Highway: Hwy.84 or State R 121

State: Georgia

Comments: Need a place to overnight. The lights are on. Any help we can be, just call.



Name: Dean


Phone: 217-832-3054  Cell # 217-714-3724

Residence City: Villa Grove

Nearest Big City: Champaign

Major Hwy: IL. Rt. 57Mile Marker 212 at Tuscola, IL.

Comments: I am home most of the time and know the area well. I can relay messages or make calls to find help with towing/repair or if you need directions. I live10 miles east of Rt.57. If you are passing through and just want to say hi give me a call. I hope I can be of some help to someone. Dean


Name: Rick


Phone: 630-941-1835

Residence City: Villa Park

Nearest Big City: Chicago

Major Hgwy: I355/I290/I294 mm88

Comments: If I can't help, I'm sure I know someone who can.


Name: Justin

Phone: 301-674-5282

Nearest Big City: Chicago,Il

Residence City: Chicago,Il

State: Il.

Comments: Limited mechanical, but happy to help in any way I can.


Name: John


Phone: 708-243-6763

Residence City: Crete

Nearest Big City: Chicago

Comments: I own a 4106, mechanically inclined but by no means a bus mechanic. Happy to assist in any way I can.


Name: Ray


Your phone: 217-877-0845

City you live in: Decatur

Nearest Large City: Decatur

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-72Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 138


Name: red Ruby


Phone: 309-224-8998

Residence City: Peoria

Nearest Large City: Peoria, Il

Major Highway or Crossroad: I 74 Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 100

Comments: Hope I can be of help to a busnut.


Name:  Cory


Phone: 309-453-0963

Residence City: Pekin

Nearest Large City: Peoria

State: Illinois

Comments: I have many 8v71n parts and some tools if anyone needs some help.


Name: Vince Bowers


Phone: 815-978-9123

Residence City: Roscoe, IL

Nearest Large City: Rockford, IL

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-90/I-39

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: Near IL/WI Stateline

State you live in: ILLINOIS

Comments: I am not a mechanic, but if I can help let me know.



Name: Bob


Phone: 812-449-8263

Residence City: Evansville

Nearest Large City: Henderson,KY.

State you live in: Indiana

Comments: I have a bus and heavy equipment background

Ft. Wayne:

Name: Ron


Phone: 260-723-4444

Residence City: South Whitley

Nearest Large City: Ft. Wayne

Major Highway: I-69 & St. Rd. 14

Mile Marker on Interstate: 105

State you live in: Indiana.

Comments: Have a campground so there's plenty of room to do repairs. Have a reasonable amount of tools and a big shoulder to cry on.


Name: Tim


Phone: 765 457 9665Cell # 765 271 3546

Residence City: Kokomo,Indiana

Nearest Large City: Indianapolis--50 miles-

Major Highway or Crossroad: US 31

Mile Marker on Interstate:40 miles west 0f I-69

State you live in: Indiana

Comments: Have tools -will help in any way I can. Room for bus parking -a lot of services nearby-


Name: Dick


Phone: 317-966-9309

Residence City: =Atlanta

Nearest Large City: Indianapolis

Major Highway or Crossroad: US 31 & SR28

Your Mile Marker on Interstate:276th St US 31 N

State you live in: IN

Comments: Have tools parking, and hookup if needed.  No charge for moral support.

Always willing to help a fellow nut.


Name: Butch


Phone: 1-574-664-3313Residence City: Twelve Mile

Nearest Large City: Logansport  & Kokomo

Major Highway or Crossroad: U.S. 31 & IN 16

Mile Marker on Interstate: none

State you live in: Indiana

Comments: We have plenty of parking if you need to overnight and lots of tools and equipment to help with.


Name: Kevin


Phone: 208-294-4709

Residence City: Boise ID

Major Highway: I84 ada county

Comments: Will Help in any way I can. Come by any time even just to talk


Cedar Rapids:

Name: Roger


Phone: 319-350-9452

Residence City: Lisbon

Nearest Large City: Cedar Rapids

State: iowa

MM: 20 miles north of 1 80

Comments: Place to park elec. water  park water electric and some advice



Name: Gene (Knuckle's Dad)


Phone: 270-703-1707City you live in:

Gilbertsville, KY

Nearest Large City: Paducah, KY

Major Highway: = I-24 & Purchase Parkway

Mile Marker on Interstate: 27 on I-24, 47 on PKWY

Comments: We own and maintain a small fleet of charter buses, have general knowledge of all bus systems, have shop, & tools 1 hr away at son's place. Also have good towing company available!


Name: Billie D.

Phone: 502-314-3994

Residence City: Brooks

Nearest Large City: Louisville

Major Highway: = I-65 & I-64 & I-71 & I-264

Mile Marker on Interstate: I-65 MM 121

State you live in: Kentucky

Comments: I'm not a mechanic but I own a 1969 Eagle Coach. We've learned a lot of things the hard way. Knowledge of mechanics, camp grounds, and so forth.  Call anytime.


Name: JC Barnett


Phone: 502-262-3023

Residence City: Louisville, KY

Nearest Large City: Louisville, KY

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-65 & I-265

Mile Marker on Interstate: 12 on I-265

State you live in: Kentucky

Comments: I have a lot of tools and will help any way I can. Many truck and bus repair facilities in Louisville and surrounding area. If in area stop by for an adult beverage or cup of coffee or just to chat.



Name: Chuck


Phone: 207 6222785

Residence City: Augusta Me

Nearest Large City: Augusta

Major Highway or Crossroad: Rt 95

Mile Marker on Interstate: Augusta exit

State you live in: Maine

Comments: Have large heated garage well equipped retired HD mechanic lots of room extended stays no problem cell# 207 512 0039 stop by anytime.


Name: Bill Baxter


Phone: 207-512-1557

City you live in: Pittston

Nearest Large City: Augusta

Major Highway or Crossroad: I95/US1

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 47

State you live in: Maine

Comments:Available to help find parts,mechanics.

Good with electrical. Fair mechanical. But I do know some good mechanics.


Name: Mike


Phone: 207-965-8116

City you live in: Brownville

Nearest Large City: Bangor

Major Highway or Crossroad: route 11

Mile Marker on Interstate: 270

State you live in: Maine




Name: Douglas


Phone: 508-435-6688

Residence City: Hopkinton, Ma

Nearest Large City: Boston

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-90 & 495

Mile Marker on Interstate: 35

Comments: I have space to park, tools to fix things, and don't care how old your coach is.


Name: Bill


Phone: 978-939-5991

Residence city: Templeton

Nearest Large City: Fitchburg & Leominster

Major Highway : Rt.2

Mile Marker on: Rt 2 & mm20

State you live in: Mass.

Comments: Retired Auto Mech (MB)Lots of general tools. Outdoor small pit. Conns. to most anything.

Nearby Bus Company. In emergency could overnight with 20A & water. Willing to help if possible.


Name: Douglas

Phone: 508-435-6688

Residence City: Hopkinton, Ma

Nearest Large City: Boston

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-90 & 495

Mile Marker on Interstate: 35

Comments: I have space to park, tools to fix things, and don't care how old your coach is.




Battle Creek:

Name: Carl


Phone: 269-962-2780

Residence City: Battle Creek

Nearest Large City: 8 miles no of Battle Creek

Major Hgwy: I-94(MM104)/ I-69 #42

Comments: Lots of tools and general bus knowledge & Fleet 269-963-6307 Gresleys Truck Serv 269-962-3600 TeKhi Truck Stop  269-962-3600


NAME: Dave


Phone: 231-330-3615

Residence City: Cheboygan

Nearest big city: Cheboygan

State: Michigan

COMMENT: Not a lot of knowledge about buses, but I have a MCI of my own.  I have some tools. Glad to provide a helping hand, or a warm meal.  Give a call, glad to meet you and help where I can.


Name: Keith


Phone: 810-614-8038

Residence City: Algonac, Michigan

Nearest Large City: Detroit, Michigan

Major Highway : I-94 and 26 mile rd.

Mile Marker on Interstate: 248

Comments: I have a lot of tools, and have enough room to easily accommodate a bus. Just give me a call if you need help.

Name: David


Phone: 586-453-9679City you live in: Armada

Nearest Large City: Detriot

Major Highway or Crossroad: 32mile road & romeo plank

Mile Marker on Interstate: I75

State you live in: Michigan

Comments: Jack of all trades Master of none


Name: Ed


Phone: 810-694-0059

Residence City: Grand Blanc, Michigan

Nearest Large City:Flint, Michigan

Major Highway: I75

Mile Marker on Interstate: Exit 106

Comments: Somewhat capable with some tools.


Name: Harold


Your phone:989-862-4604

City you live in: Elsie

Nearest Large City: Lansing

Major Highway : US 127

Comments: Have electric hookups, tools, and willingness to help. We are located about 30 miles NE of Lansing, MI, about 5 miles east of US 127.



Name: Devin and Amy


Phone: 218-444-5956

Residence City: Bemidji

Nearest Large City: Between Duluth and Fargo

Major Highway or Crossroad: Intersections of US HWY 71 and US HWY 2

Mile Marker on Interstate: n/a

State you live in: Minnesota

Comments: April-October only. Have some tools, overnight parking.


Name: Brian


Phone: 763-242-3734

Residence City: Maple Grove

Nearest Large City: Minneapolis

Major Hwy: I494 and Bass Lake Rd.

Comments: I have room for one large rig to stay overnight if necessary.


Name: Paul


Phone: 612-987-6021 cell

Residence city: Belle Plaine

Nearest Large City: Minneapolis

Major Highway : MN state HWY 169

Mile Marker on Interstate: ?

State you live in: Minnesota

Comments: I have tools and there is a local tire shop right in town. Can assist also with local navigation, I have lived in this area my whole life.


Name: Ken


Phone: (507)289-76759 & (507)254-0123

Residence City: Rochester, MN

Nearest Large City: Minneapolis/St. Paul

Major Highway or Crossroad: US 14 East

Mile Marker on Interstate: 209/218

Comments: Will help with whatever I can. We are south in the winter!

St. Michael:

Name: Craig

Phone: 763-497-4311(H) & 763-572-7697 (W)

Residence City: St. Michael

Nearest Large City: Minneapolis

Major Highway : I-94 / Cty 241 / Cty 19

Mile Marker on Interstate: 201 / 202 / 205

Comments: Curb parking for short term. No room to park overnight. Have plenty of tools and local contacts.


St. Louis:

Name: Steve


Phone: 636-933-2239

Residence City: Crystal City

Nearest Big City: St. Louis

Major Hgwy: I75 or I-55

Comments: St. Louis has about everything needed I am 35 miles south of I-70, I-40, I-55, I-64 and I-44 They all come together at St. Louis to cross the Mississippi River.

St. Louis:

Name: Steve


Phone: (573) 358-2158

Residence City: Desoto

Nearest Large City: St. Louis

Major Highway or Crossroad: !-55

Mile Marker on Interstate: 170

Comments: I can't do a lot, as I am physically disabled, but, I know a lot of people, and I am a retired Diesel Mechanic. I am about 50 miles south of St. Louis, and am located in the woods.


Cape May Couth House

Name: Nick


Phone: 609-263-2296

Residence City: Cape May Couth House

Nearest Big City: Atlantic City

Major Hgwy: Garden State Pkwy exit13Comments: Lots of tools and lots of know how. Or just stop and visit.

Toms River:

Name: Ron


Phone: 609-618-7255

Residence City: Waretown

Nearest Large City: Toms River

Major Highway: Parkway/Route 9

Mile Marker on Interstate: 69

State you live in: New Jersey

Comments: Have tools and local knowledge of area.


Las Crucus:

Name: harry


Phone: 505-437-8697

Residence City: Alamogordo

Nearest Large City: Las Crucus

Major Highway: at the junction of 54/70

Mile Marker on Interstate: none

Comments: I can provide some mechanical assistance there are 3 good diesel shops in Alamogordo we have 15 acres and someone can stay overnight & in an emergency.


Las Vegas:

Name: Bryce


Phone: 702-376-7256

Residence City: Las Vegas

Nearest big City: Las Vegas

Major Hgwy: I-15 & Rainbow

Comments: Willing to help when I can. Drop in for coffee.

Las Vegas:

Name: Van Hagen


Your phone: (702) 664-4265

City you live in: Boulder City

Nearest Large City: Las Vegas

Major Highway or Crossroad: US93/95

Mile Marker on Interstate: junction of 93/95

State you live in: Nevada

Comments: There are a few rv parks, I have tools, drill press etc, and resource phone numbers. B&B coach is within 20 mi from home.



Name: John


Phone: 716-531-1474

City you live in: Lewiston, NY

Nearest Large City: Buffalo / Niagara Falls

Major Highway : I - 190

Comments: Have a wide assortment of tools, a welder, torches and a place to park a bus in an emergency. There is also a KOA campground 1/4 mile from my house that I can bring tools and an extra hand too. Call for anything we can help with.


Name: Richard


Phone: 585-610-0972

Residence City: Belmont

Nearest large city: Elmira

Major Hgwy: I86 & NY19 & Exit 30

Comments: retired - out west in the winter. Nearby unused parking lot.


Name: David and Dori Evans


Phone: 631-421-6731`

City you live in: Halesite NY

Nearest Large City: Huntington

Major Highway or Crossroad: 495 and Rt. 110

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: exit 50

State you live in: New York

Comments: lots of contacts on Long Island


Name: Brandon


Phone: 828-738-3817

Residence City: Marion

Nearest Big City: Asheville

State: North Carolina

Comments: Have room to park, a few tools, and know of a really good bus

mechanic nearby. Glad to help anytime.


Name: JR


Phone: 704-650-0235

Residence City: Charlotte

Nearest Large City: Charlotte

Hgwy: I-485,(Exit 57) & I-77, I-85

Comments: Have room to overnight any sized coach. Or coach could be stored at this location for short period of time. Could assist with shagging parts, familiar with area. Plenty of food and motels/hotels/ and heavy truck repair shops. Good towing available. Familiar with MCI-9's but not others. Experience with DD 2 cycles. Some tools and equipment. Concrete area for some repairs or jacking. I'm a willing but crude assistant. Be happy to help all possible, because I may need some help, someday.


Name: Jerry Campbell


Phone: 7046645434

Residence City: Mooresville

Nearest Large City: Charlotte

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-77 & 150

Mile Marker on Interstate: 36

Comments: Overnight stays some tools people that know dd2 or a talk


Name: Peter


Phone: 704-201-4368

Residence City: Albemarle

Nearest Large City: Charlotte

Major Highway or Crossroad: I77+ I85

Mile Marker on Interstate: ?

State you live in: NC

Comments: know very good mechanics for major engine failure, tow personal, got personal tools and jacks for minor repairs, etc.


Name: Ron


Phone: 919-528-2004

Residence City: Stem

Nearest Big City: Durham

Major Hgwy: I-85 mm189

Comment: Diesel available, Lots of tools, overnight available.


Name: Gene

Phone: 910-89.-8892

Residence City: Buies Creek, NC

Nearest Large City: Dunn, NC (North of Fayetteville, NC)

Major Highway: I-95 and US 421

Mile Marker on Interstate:12 miles+/_ South on US 421

Comments: I have a small conversion shop with basic tools with some specialty tools. Will help in any way possible! Have personal contacts for mechanical info and knowledge when needed. If you are passing through and just want to say hi give me a call.


Name: Bob


Phone: 828-525-6812

Residence City: Franklin

Nearest Big City: Asheville

Major Hgwy: US 441

Comments: Have tools and am willing to help in any way I can. Local knowledge and contacts. Local towing companies have equipment for big rigs. Will help find space for overnight parking and arrange for accommodations. NOTE: Cell phones don't always work well in the mountains, look for land line. Just ask a local, mountain people are quite friendly.


Name: Bob


Phone: 336-847-0301 (C)

Residence City: Thomasville

Nearest Big City: Greensboro

Major Hgwy: I-85 exit 103

Comments: Some tools, welders, etc. 4 miles off highway. Place to park overnight.


Name: Ned



Residence City: Lenoir

Nearest Large City: Charlotte

Major Highway or Crossroad:321 north

Mile Marker on Interstate: I40

State you live in: NC

Comments: Always ready to talk buses. Can help, also can find a place to park for a spell


Name: Bill


Your phone: 336-622-3622

City you live in: Liberty,N.C.

Nearest Large City: Greensboro

Major Highway : HWY 421 & 64

Comments: EX-maintenance Mechanic  familiar with all coaches pre - 1984.



Name: Paul & Claudiene

Phone: 513-231-7064

Residence City: 1939 Mears Ave

Major Highway: I 71. I 75 & I 275 east of city

Mile Marker on Interstate: Exit 63 & on & I 275 for FMCA

Comments: FMCA has a FREE campground a mile from us at their Mail Station. They have 50 amp electric and water, sewer hookup. You park on concrete pad and patios. You can stay two day free with FMCA membership. FMCA also has a dump station. We are limited on bus space at our house but if FMCA is full I will make room for you with electric. I have tools and some know how if I can help you in anyway.


Name: Dave


Phone: 513 708 9762

Residence City: Hamilton, OH

Nearest Large City: Cincinnati, OH

Major Highway: OH-129 and OH-75

Mile Marker on Interstate: I-75 Junct 24, & I-129 Junct 18

Comments: Have many local contacts for towing, mechanical work, storage. Have some tools and always willing to get dirty to help a fellow bus nut, any time of the day. Less than 5 miles from Detroit Allison, Onan and other truck, bus dealers/shops.


Name: Todd


Phone: 513-267-2795

City you live in: Middletown

Nearest Large City: Cincinnati/Dayton

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-75

Mile Marker on Interstate: 32

Comments: I have a conversion shop and can provide some temporary parking and access to basic tools. I'm also plugged in to some local mechanics and parts suppliers. Let me know if I can help.


Name: Merlin


Phone: 614-499-0926

Residence City: Dublin

Nearest Big City: Columbus

Major Hgwy: I-270, & SR 33/161

MM #17A

Comments: I will be able to locate diesel fuel, and mechanics. We have a large gravel parking lot that is safe, and very close to shopping. Two 50 amp electric hook-ups. If no answer of cell phone then call 614-889-9557


Name: Austin


Phone: 937-538-0223

Residence City: Sidney

Nearest Large City: Dayton

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-75

Mile Marker on Interstate: 90

State you live in: Ohio

Comments: Know of most garages and service points in the area


Name: Git & Shorty / Elbert


Phone: 740 706 1802

Residence city: Zanesville

Nearest Large City: Columbus Oh

Major Highway or Crossroad: I 70 / state st ext

Mile Marker on Interstate: 152

State you live in: Ohio

Comments: have a place to park, as well as getting repair, and feeling safe....


Oklahoma City:

Name: Amy Riley



Residence City: Norman

Nearest Large City: Oklahoma City

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-35 & Main Street

Mile Marker on Interstate: na

State you live in: Oklahoma

Comments: Can provide info on places to park, fuel, propane, and some parts info & mechanics. Just starting our conversion so not a lot of help yet.


Name: Bryan


Phone: 918-408-8917

Residence City: Claremore

Nearest Large City: Tulsa

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-44 & Hwy 266

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 248

State you live in: OK

Comments: Off Will Rogers Turnpike exit 248 then on to Route 66.

Have tools, jacks, run up blocks and shop if needed.



Name: John

email: ,

Phone: 541 915 0832

Residence City: Eugene, Oregon

Nearest Large City: Eugene, Or Major Highway : I5 runs thru Eugene

Mile Marker on Interstate: 200 or so

State you live in: Oregon

Comments: 541 349 8952 is my home phone. If you are in a bind you can use either number 24/7. Post both email addresses, also. I have nearly any tool you might need. I am not diesel savy nor bus chassis qualified but I am can do. Give my number a try. All you risk is an I am not avail at this time, but usually I am. Happy motoring, John


Name: Harry


Phone: 541-997-2871

City you live in: Florence

Nearest Large City: Eugene

Major Highway or Crossroad: 101 and 126

Mile Marker on Interstate: 196

State you live in: Oregon

Comments: My wife and I are restoring a 1966 pd 4107. She has a 8v71 TA with a 730 trans. We are just finishing up a total replacement of the sides with new  aluminum and cut out the window holes to fit Peninsula replacement windows. We want to keep the bus look. Next week the painting should be done and I'll get her back home. We live in Florence Oregon and hope to retire in the next 2 years and then HEAD OUT to see the United States! We have taken her to Alaska, Mexico and all around the western United States. We have owned her for 12 years and absolutely love the life style that comes with busing. I'll keep my eyes on your site. Harry .

Grants Pass:

Name: Ron


Phone: 541-471-6067

Residence City: Grants Pass

Nearest Large City: Medford

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-5Mile Marker on Interstate: 61

Comments: Know the area ,have tools and knowledge

Grants Pass:

Name: Tony & Kim


Phone: 541-955-4830

Residence City: Grants Pass

Nearest Large City: Medford

Major Highway : I-5

Mile Marker on Interstate: 66

Comments: Driveway large enough for 40ft bus with 110 elec need holding tanks no dump, know of repair shops around town call if you need help.


Name: Jerry


Phone: 541-720-1079

Residence City: Hermiston

Nearest Large City: Penleton

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-84 and I-82

Mile Marker on Interstate:178-188 I-84 & 0-I-82

State you live in: Oregon

Comments: US-395 goes through town from exit 188 I-84



Name: Tim James


Phone: 717-240-2488

Residence City: Carlisle

Nearest Large City: Harrisburg

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-81

Mile Marker on Interstate: 44

Comments: Room to park overnight...good selection of tools, local shop specializes in DD 2 cycles, plus good bus garage nearby.

Middlebury Center:

Name: Bill


Phone: 570-376-2974

Cell: 941-266-3550

Residence city: Middlebury Center

Nearest Large City: Williamsport  Pa & Corning N Y

Major Highway or Crossroad: Rt 15 future 99

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: mansfield exit

State you live in: Pennsylvania

Update or changes: We have an complete shop and a nearby friend with a bus garage

Ocean City:

Name: Gary


Phone: 609 703 - 8989

City you live in: Ocean City

Nearest Large City: Atlantic City / Phila

Major Highway or Crossroad: 15 Miles South Atlantic City

Mile Marker on Interstate: MP 25 Garden State Parkway

State you live in: New Jersey

Comments: I have a indoor storage location with 50Amp, tools, blocking etc. I am also 35 miles from US Coach. I do keep 10-20 gal diesel on hand, Also small propane bottles.


Name: Ron


Phone:724 345 8289

Residence City: Washington

Nearest Large City: Pittsburgh

Major Highway: interstates 70 & 79

Mile Marker on Interstate: 30

State you live in: Pennsylvania

Comments: Willing to help any way I can.


Name: Dallas


Phone: 843.496.9176

My address is Fluid. Last week we were in Lillian, Alabama, This week we are in Pensacola, Florida and by the end of next week we'll be in Chattanooga, Tn for a couple of months. We'll also be making some trips up to Ohio to replace the engine in a 102C3 and start the restoration of Todd's Renaissance. I'm not sure how we can fit in to the help list except by being phone able if someone needs a friendly voice or needs to bounce a few ideas around. We are pretty much open to anything though, we'll leave it up to you!Dallas



Phone: (864) 845-7899

Residence City: Piedmont, SC

Nearest Big City: Greenville, SC

Major Hgwy: Interstate (I-85)

Mile Marker: #35

Comments: I will travel anytime 24 hrs. a day within 100 miles of Greenville to assist in any way possible in minor repairs or assistance. If you have a generator my welder is portable for 110 volt usage if needed. God Speed & Safety in your travels.


Sioux Falls

Name: Jim


Phone: 605-665-5600

City you live in: Yankton

Nearest Large City: Sioux Falls, SD

Major Highway: I 29/ I 90

Mile Marker : 256 on I 29

Comments: Parking, tools, knowledge. Also know most service places in area. Have an extra full hook up if needed. Bus barn, ramps, heavy tools.


Name: Kevin


Phone: 605-645-7655

Residence City: Bison

Nearest Big City: Sturgis

Comment: I am out in the middle of nowhere. 130 miles to a McDonalds. I have experience in converting a bus and everything mechanical/electrical to go along with it. Access to shops with room for a bus.


Bloomington Springs

Name: David Hartley


Phone: (931) 858-3596

Residence city: Bloomington Springs

Nearest Large City: Cookeville

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-40 & Hwy 56N

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 280

State you live in:Tennessee

Update or changes: Moved in 2007.


Located 9.4 Miles Off I-40 exit 280. 4 mi North on Hwy 56. Left on Martin Creek Rd. Then 5.5 miles. On left. Hookups (elect/water) Dump Station. Lighted Area.WiFi. Tech help avail.


Name: Mike


Phone: 863-303-4008

Residence City: Chattanooga

Comment: I know the area pretty well. Our office is at a bus shop that specializes in DD 2-stroke engines and their related drive trains but also work on other engines too. The shop also has a 30 Amp hookup/water/sewer for overnight stays.

Tellico Plains:

Name: Morgan


Phone: 423-807-1777

Residence City: Tellico Plains

Nearest Big City: Chattanooga

Major Hgwy: I-75 mm60

Comments: Offers Yellow Pages and a cup of coffee. I am not mechanically inclined, but I know area and where to go to get things fixed.


Name: Bryce


Phone: 731-885-7460

Residence City: Huntington

Nearest Big City: Huntington

New shop location: 22150 E. Main St. Huntington, Tn. 38344 10 min. East of I-40 Exit 108.

Comments: Have a large shop with lots of tools, pit, etc. We own a charter bus company and have shop and equipment to maintain them! Know the area, space to park, could even store a unit, have access to good towing. Need help give us a call. We know the whole NW Tenn/ SW Kentucky area. We are on the line between Tenn and Kentucky.


Name: Danny


Phone: (931) 528-7905

Residence City: Cookeville

Nearest Large City: Nashville

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-40

Mile Marker on Interstate: 285

State you live in: Tennessee

Comments: I live 10 miles North of Cookeville with space to emergency park (no hookups). I know the area and will try to help any way I can.


Name: Gary G.


Phone: 931 247 3060

Residence City: Shelbyville, TN

Nearest Large City: Nashville

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-24 & US 231

Comments: Know the local area well. Have some tools and a willingness to help.



Name: Paul


Phone: 325-660-4635

Residence City: Abilene

Nearest Large City: Dallas

Major Highway : Hwy. 20

Mile Marker on Interstate: Exit 294

State you live in:Texas

Comments: Don't know much about the area yet, just moved here. Willing to help locate parts and assist with the repair.


Name: Richard


Phone: 409-880-9192

Residence City: Beaumont

Nearest Large City: Beaumont

Major Highway or Crossroad: I 10 & 69

Mile Marker on Interstate: about 850

State you live in: Texas

Comments: Room for overnight stays, shop, tools whatever I can help you with.



Name: Michael

Phone: 214-498-8390


Residence City: Dallas

Nearest Big City: Dallas

Major Hgwy: I-20 mm#490

Comments: If I can't help...I may know someone who can.


NAME: Doug


Phone: 972-900-2902

Residence City: Murphy

Nearest Big City: Dallas

State: TX


Fort Worth:

Name: George


Phone: 817 489 2921

Residence City: Ft Worth

Nearest Large City: Ft Worth

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-35W

Residence State:  Texas

Comments: Will Drive


Name: David


Phone: 713-805-1009

City you live in: Friendswood, TX

Nearest Large City: Houston, TX

Major Highway: NASA Road 1

Mile Marker on Interstate: 35

Comments: Local resources and assistance. No shop or tools but little knowledge.


Name: David

email: davidb18481

Phone: 281-689-7575 Cell: & 832-741-1210

Residence City: New Caney

Nearest Large City: Houston

Major Highway : Hwy 59 N and FM 1485

Mile Marker on Interstate: Aprox 35 miles northeast of Houston

State you live in: Texas

Comments: Tools and parking to repair any problem.


Name: Mike


Phone: 281-216-8636

Residence City: Spring, TX.

Nearest Large City: Houston

State I live in: Texas

Comments: I have some tools and know the area. If we can’t figure it out we can find someone that can.


Name: David

Phone: 806-798-7351

City you live in:Lubbock, Texas

Nearest Large City: Lubbock,Texas

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-27

Comments: I'm no mechanic but I've been broken down I know of a good diesel shop that would help you out.


Name: Sonnie


Phone: 903-815-2141

Residence City: Pottsboro, Tx.

Nearest Large City: Sherman /Denison Tx.

Major Highway : Hwy 75 North

Mile Marker on Interstate: Exit 69

State you live in: Texas

Comments: Big shop and tools.




City you live in: Rogers, Tx

Nearest Large City: Temple, Tx

Major Highway: US 190/I35

Mile Marker on Interstate: 300

State you live in: Texas

Comments: 8 acres for parking on grass no hook ups(Maybe some water and 15amp on long extension.


Name: Justin Griffith


Phone: Cell- 512-695-5849

Residence City: Taylor

Nearest Big City: Austin

State: Texas

Comments: I am not a bus mechanic per say but I have worked on many, many buses. I am very knowledgeable in the HVAC, Generators and electrical stuff, but can also help with minor breakdowns as well. I have driven 1million+ miles in buses driving entertainer coaches so I have had lots of breakdowns :)I have a service truck and can handle all but major engine/trans problems (overhauls etc.) I have the most experience with Eagles, MCI (older) and Prevost.


Name: J.L.Vickers

Phone: 903-731-4404City you live in: Palestine

Nearest Large City: Tyler, Texas

Major Highway : =US-287 & ACR 420

Comments: Have a limited amount of hand tools. Also own a GMC P8M4905A Buffalo conversion. If in the area and have a problem feel free to call.

Name: Steve "Spanky"

Phone: 903.539.3549

Residence Town:Tyler

Residence State:Texas

COMMENT:If you break down in the Tyler, TX, (E. TX) area, please feel free to call...


Salt Lake City:

Name: Dave K


Phone: 801-487-1919

Residence city: Salt Lake City

Nearest Large City: Salt Lake City

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-80 / I-15

State you live in:Utah



Name: Jim


Phone: 757-382-9408Residen:

Nearest Large City: Chesapeake

Major Highway : 168 Bypass and Battlefield Blvd

Comments: Computer Networking Computer Hardware issues and Local Knowledge. If you need a hand between 64  the outer Banks of Carolina, Gimme a call and we'll figger it out.

Name: Ray


Phone: 434-822-2516

Residence City: Danville

Nearest Large City: Danville

Major Highway: RT 58 and RT 29

Comments: Tools available, place to park overnight. Will help anyway possible. Have contacts and 4107 of my own.


Name: Stephen


Phone: 757.726.2193

Residence City: Hampton

Nearest Large City: Norfolk

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-64 and I-664

Mile Marker on Interstate: 265

State you live in: Virginia

Comments: Work for the local transit system. Know several mechanics that could help get you rolling. Also knowledge of area towing companies. Parking for a night or two.


Your name: Dennis


Phone: 540-591-5219

City you live in: Roanoke

Nearest Large City: Roanoke

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-81

Your Mile Marker on Interstate: 150B

State you live in: VA

Comments: Coffee and knowledge of local area.  I have an MC9


Name: Kevin James

Your phone: 8046336725

City you live in: Sparta, Va

Nearest Large City: Richmond to south; Fredericksburg, north

Major Highway : = I-95 and 207

Mile Marker on Interstate: & 104 and 110

Comments: Call and we will see if we can help or find someone who can.

Virginia Beach:

Name: Mike


Phone: 757-362-2721

City you live in: Virginia Beach

Nearest Large City: Virginia Beach

Major Highway or Crossroad: I 64

Mile Marker on Interstate: 2 miles from Indian river rd exit

Comments: Can help with most problems or know who can, have tools welder etc, anyone going through stop for a chat or coffee etc, could park a bus for a night with no problems.


Name: Janice "Lady Dove" Payne


Phone: 757-256-8652

Residence City: Yorktown, Virginia

Nearest Big City: Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg

Major Highway: I-64

Comments: Knowledge of local repair shops, 24hr towing & roadside service capable of handling Big Rigs, Bus & RV's.  Also have tools and place to park overnight if the ground is hard. (ONLY if there has been No rain within  a week) and no longer than 35 ft.


Name: Daniel


Phone: 202-250-3846

Residence City: Chantilly,VA

Nearest Big City: Washington, DC

Major Hgwy: I66/I95/I495(30 miles west of DC

Comment: Give me a call if you have a problem.




Phone:360-435 4606 or425 280 1344

Residence City: Arlington

Nearest Large City: Seattle

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-5

Mile Marker on Interstate: 210

Comments: Lots of tools. Happy to help if I can.


Name: Allen

E-mail: ballen5212AT

Phone: 360-223-2381

Residence City: Bellingham

Nearest Large City: Bellingham

Major Hgwy: I-5 mm#258

Comments: Yorkys, truck stop, diesel, and waste dump.


Name: Tom


Phone: 360 422 7812

Residence City: Mount Vernon,

Nearest Large City:  Everett & Bellingham

Major Highway: Interstate 5 & College Way

Comments: Tools, Knowledge, Time. Sewer, Water, Power


Name: Gary


Phone: 509-786-2454

Residence City: Prosser

Nearest large city: Richland, Pasco

Major Hgwy: I82

mm 80

Comments: Got most tools and lots of room and can help with most anything.


Name: Ray


Phone: Day 425-251-5309

City you live in: Kent

Nearest Large City: Seattle

Major Highway: I-5 & I-405 So. End

Comments: After 6:00 P.M. home Ph.425-255-1571


Name: Larry


Phone: 253-350-0925

Residence City: Kent

Nearest Large City: Seattle/Tacoma

Major Highway: I 5@state hwy 18

Mile Marker on Interstate :I 5 & 150

State you live in: Wa

Comments: I'm just an old trucker on my second eagle. Got a few tools etc.


Name: Harry &( HarLee)


Your phone: 360-683-6304

City you live in: Sequim

Nearest Large City: Port Angeles

Major Highway : U.S.101

Comments: I live about a mile off Hwy 101 - but it is pretty easy for me to get to anyone who needs help. I have a 2 1/2 acre property here if someone needs a place to stay in an emergency.


Name: Ken


Phone: 360-629-4308Residence City: Stanwood

Nearest Large City: Everette

Major Hgwy: I5 exit 212

Comments: Next to NAPA store..Lots of tools, welding machines , etc. Lots of room to park & I can help. I am rebuilding an 05 Eagle.


Name: Duane


Phone: 253-653-9458

Residence City: Bonney Lake

Nearest Large City: Tacoma

Major Highway: Hwy 410 E and SR 167

Comments: 30 year Mechanic. Have access to tools, parts, etc. Will help in any way I can.


Name: Mark Renner


Phone: 541-993-2220

Residence City: Washougal, WA

Nearest Large City: Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR

Major Highway or Crossroad: SR 14 and 32nd Street

Mile Marker on Interstate: SR 14, Mile Post 17

State you live in: Washington

Comments: Retired 30+ years as truck and bus fleet owner. Shop, welder, ramps, tools, knowledge. Or, can refer you to the right place or parts.



Name: Edwin


Residence City: Beckley, West Virginia

Major Highway: I-77 south meets I-64 east

Comments: If help is needed call304 763 3522.



Name: Paul


Phone: 715-533-4597

Residence City: Strum

Nearest Large City: Eau Claire

Major Highway: US 10 - 10 miles west of I94

Comments: I have plenty of room for overnight parking with 30/50 amp service. I have some tools and will try to help, or watch you work. I have a friend with RV parts and service nearby. I’m the President of the Midwest BusNuts Chapter of the FMCA.


Name: Jim


Phone: 262-567-0533

Residence City: Oconomowoc

Nearest Large City: Milwaukee / Madison

Major Highway or Crossroad: I 94

Mile Marker on Interstate: ?

State you live in: Wisconsin

Comments: Half way between Milwaukee and Madison. I have many contacts in the area that may help.


Name: Kevin


Phone: 715-493-4131

Residence City: Monico

Nearest Large City: Rhinelander

Major Highway: Intersection of Hwy 8 + Hwy 45

Comments: I have some tools, lots of space for overnight stay, and info on repair shops.



Name: Jack


Phone: 850.766.6608

City you live in: Gillette

Nearest Large City: Denver

Major Highway or Crossroad: I-90Mile Marker on Interstate: = 129

Comments: RV Coordinator for the Cam-Plex which has 1700+ campsites. Not really open to the public but if in a bind, I can help with a site. Also have knowledge about RV systems and a lot of tools. Will be here until Oct. 1, 2006.




Name: Bert

email: competitionservices@ ??

Phone: 1-403-946-5828

Residence City: Olds

Nearest Large City: Calgary, Alberta

Major Highway or Crossroad: #2

Mile Marker on Interstate: 209

State you live in: Alberta, Canada

Comments: Large shop, parking room and or camping . Licensed mechanic and good general knowledge on electrical & mechanical. Lived in area all my life.




Phone: 403-252-5920

Residence city: Calgary

Nearest Large City:Calgary

Major Highway :Highway 2 and Trans Canada Highway 1

State you live in: Alberta

Comments: welders, torches, air tools, tools, shop with pit


Name: Bert


Phone: 1-403-946-5828

Residence City: Olds,Alberta

Nearest Large City: Calgary

Major Highway: QE#2Mile marker: 200

Comments: I am located 100kms north of Calgary on Highway #2. Have plenty of parking and shop space. Lots of tools and good mechanical skills. Only drawback is that I'm older than hell.


Name: David


Phone: 1 403 668 9732

Residence City: Calgary

Nearest Large City: Calgary

Major Highway : Deerfoot  Tr & Glenmore Tr.

Mile Marker : Hwy 2

State you live in: Alberta Canada

Comments: Calgary is a city of 1 million people so we have all resources


Name: Neil


Phone: 780-992-1750

Nearest Large City: Gibbons

Residence City: Edmonton

COMMENT: Live on a farm, lots of parking, many tools. Ramps to run bus on. Have been working on vehicles for many years.

Behchoko North West Territories:

Name: David Wilson

Address: 250 Edzia Tili

Behchoko North West Territories

Phone: Home & Office 867-392-6347

          Cell 867-445-9222

Comments: Behchoko is located 100 klms south of Yellowknife N,T on the hyway3

Run a small charter outfit for the past 20 years , lots of spare mc9 parts

Still learning every day



Name: JC Alacoque


Phone: 250 342 5303

Residence City: Invermere

Nearest Large City: Cranbrook

Major Highway or Crossroad: Hwy 93/95

State you live in: British Columbia

Comments: Call anytime


Name: Floyd


Phone: 250-265-1941

Residence City: Nakusp, BC

Nearest Large City: Kelowna, BCHwy 23 & Hwy 6 We are 60 miles off Hwy 1 & 90 miles off Hwy 3 in Southern British Columbia


Name: Fraser


Phone: 604-826-6826

Residence City: Deroche

Nearest Large City: Abbotsford

Major Highway or Crossroad: Hwy 7

Residence State: N/A

Closest Mile Marker on Interstate: British Columbia

Comments: Rural farm, with lots of parking. Equipped shop. 30 amp service. Local mechanics and parts suppliers. Camping facilities and hot coffee Will Drive




Phone: 1-250-378-6885

Residence City: Merritt

Nearest Large City: Kamloops / Kelowna

Major Highway : hwy 5

State you live in: British Columbia

Comments: Knowledge with electrical systems, some mechanical, have tools.


Name: Leslie


Phone: 604-825-2587

City you live in: Langley, BC, Canada

Nearest Large City: Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Abbotsford

Major Highway : 1A (Fraser Hwy) @ 232 St

Mile Marker on Interstate: exit 66 of Hwy 1 (trans Canada Hwy)

Comments: Have personal mechanic that will help in emergency. (Detroit specialist). class 1=CDL should you need a driver. Help or just call for coffee. cell phone on 24 hrs (22:00 to 07:00 for extreme emergency)

Prince George:

Name: Tom


Phone: 907-225-5296

Residence City: Ketchikan

Nearest Big City: Prince George

Major Hwy: Alaska Marine Hgwy. We can furnish information or help for Bus Nuts in BC or southeastern Alaska. We can likely find a place to park a rig if you want to visit. We have lots of tools if repairs are needed.


Name: Gary


Residence City: Vernon

Nearest Big City: Vernon

Major Hgwy: 97

Comments: Cell phone # 250-309-1923



Name: Gary

Phone: 902-827-3547

City you live in: Porters Lake

Nearest Large City: Halifax NS

Major Highway or Crossroad: 107Exit 19

State you live in: Nova Scotia, Canada

Comments: Large garage, good parking. Lots of tools,welders,55 ton press. Have worked on most areas of Prevost and MCI buses. Good electrical trouble shooter. Good mechanical skills. Love to help those in need . Price for most emergency repair labor, just a THANK YOU.. I may need some help someday. Home all summer. Winter in FL



Name: Mark


Phone: 204-seven two five - one seven eight five

City you live in: Brandon, Manitoba

Nearest Large City: Brandon

Major Highway or Crossroad: Highway 1 and Highway 10 intersection

Mile Marker on Interstate: = n/a

State you live in: Manitoba

Comments: 2 miles to Brandon, room to park with 30 amps available, close to heavy truck parts source, some tools available.


Name: patrick


Phone: 514 932-8507

City you live in: montreal

Nearest Large City: Montreal

Major Highway or Crossroad: 40 and the 15

Your Mile Marker on Interstate:  ?

State you live in: quebec Canada

Comments: Have access to old scrap transits for parts, know 2 good mechanics with experience, have turned a wrench or two in my day as well.  Give me a call I'll see what can be done.  Sometimes I'm too busy sometimes I'm not.  If I'm not I'll gather together my tools and we'll get er done.



name: R.J.(Bob)


Your phone: 306 862 6400

City you live in: BuchananNearest Large City: Saskatoon

Major Highway : ?

Comments: ½ acre yard in town, lots of room to park. Some tools available and can provide a minimum of 15 amp power, perhaps more depending on our schedule at the time. Water and sewer hook-up available as well.


Name: Paul


Phone: 306-242-2505

Residence City: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Nearest Big City: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Major Hwy: 16 & 11MM# 150

Comments: Anytime I can help.